Normally whenever Soulseeker battles a creature whose remaining AP exactly matches its HP, the other creature is destroyed and Soulseeker survives with 1 HP. The lone exception is when it battles Soldier Ant. For some reason Soldier Ant will destroy Soulseeker if its AP equals ‘seeker’s HP. I was wondering if this is a glitch or if this is how it’s supposed to work for some reason. It’s happened a bunch of times (even if they’re at varying AP/HPs via something such as Grow Big, but here’s the most recent replay)


It’s probably due to attacking vs defending, not Soldier Ant.

The game doesn’t use the concept of a stack, like in Magic, so weird cases like this will happen from time to time.


If you defend with Soulseeker with HP equal to the attacker’s AP, it will survive. If you attack with Soulseeker and the defender has AP equal to Soulseeker’s HP, Soulseeker will die.

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