I’m really enjoying the game.

Getting enough Orbucks/Credits to buy an additional preconstructed deck is taking a long time, though. I understand you want to coax folks into coughing up some real cash to help fund continued development. I get that.

With all due respect, though, I’m not really comfortable handing over my credit card. If you offered PayPal (or Google Wallet or Amazon Payments) as an alternate way to restock credits, I’d plunk down $20 in a heartbeat.

Any chance of some alternate form of payment in the near future?



The payment actually goes through Stripe (https://stripe.com/) which is like Paypal – it’s a secure payment processor. And it is over HTTPS as well.

I have heard other people say similar things though, that people are in general reluctant to pay on a website unless they trust it. And they generally trust third parties like Paypal and Amazon.

I will ask Stripe if they have a Stripe.com landing page.


Sorry for the necro, but if it is possible for Pickhardt to add Paypal as a payment method, that would be awesome for people like me that do not own a credit card.

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