Hi all,

Sorry to say this but I am planning to take Orbs down soon, probably in January 2018.

The reason is two fold. First, it costs money to run and I’d like to reduce costs. Second, I’d like to create a new version of Orbs for mobile, and it would be much simpler to not have to be backwards compatible with the existing Orbs which is designed primarily for web. There are many things that would be designed differently if I made it anew and for mobile.

I will email all users if and when the mobile version comes out, for sure.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Orbs over the years, and wish you all a happy new years.

Best, Jeff


Also, mobile doesn’t mean exclusively mobile. There’ll have to be a website and you’ll probably be able to do a lot on the website, like view decks, buy cards, etc, but I haven’t decided whether you can play the game on the website or not yet. It’s lower priority than making the mobile playable. Making a deck editor, collection viewer, etc is much easier than making a playable game.


I thought Orbs CCG was cross-platform compatible already (I even remember me playing the game with an Android tablet with success). Anyway, I am not sure about this move, as it probably going to drive away some PC users (like me) but it is good to try new things. So, do it pickhardt and good luck!


I figured that we wouldn’t have this game much longer with as small a userbase as it has. Honestly I’m surprised you’ve kept it around this long. I think if you can get an app in the Google Play store and the Apple App store that would get quite a few people to at least try it. Although with games like Hearthstone out there it will still be a hard sell. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for any potential mobile version. Thanks for all the fun we’ve had on here, and looking forward to seeing what is next.

Edit: @arthan, I have played on mobile when I’ve been on vacation away from my laptop at home. It technically works, but it doesn’t work very well and the UI is horrible for trying to use on mobile. Basically I only used it to take a turn once or twice a week as required to avoid timing out. That was pretty much all it was good for. I think mobile is the way to go in the future with games like this as it is much easier to get exposure on that kind of platform.


I lost interest in this game a while ago, but it does sadden me to see it go. I remember back in my school years, i’d play Orbs against my classmates during recess.

Question. Will our accounts on here carry over to the mobile version? I’ll likely not play it if i have to start over again.

Anyway, best of luck pickhardt and i hope you have success with your Orbs mobile app.

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