What would you guys think if I made multiple cards with the same art?

For instance, I was thinking of making combinations of cards, starting with a base ally:

Skeleton (base)

Big Skeleton

Giant Skeleton

Haunted Skeleton (like The Haunter)

Or maybe cross-colored versions like:

Bloodthirsty Skeleton (Black/R)

Poisonous Skeleton (Black/P)

Armored Skeleton (Black/Y)

They’d all have to use the same base art - it’d be prohibitively expensive otherwise.


I am fine with this idea. For potential multi-colored cards would the border reflect their colors? That would help identify them quickly.

Another thing that I would be concerned with would be that cards with the same art should probably have similar abilities (if not shown in the names) so that you really just have to check the size of the creature to identify it.


I have two colored cards, but I don’t have three color cards, and I was actually thinking you could combine three things together. For instance, this could be a valid card:

Bloodthirsty Skeleton of the Deep

Cost: RBU

Ally - Skeleton

You may only play this if you have an ally in your graveyard. When this comes into play, remove an ally in your graveyard from the game.

Murderous Entrance: +1 AP / +1 HP. (This enters play with +1 AP / +1 HP if an ally died this turn.)

Develop 1 - At the start of your turn, if this benched, it gets +1 AP / +1 HP. This stops developing after 3 turns benched.

2 AP / 1 HP

I was actually thinking of skipping the multicolored card borders altogether, and using the card border of the core card. In this case, it’s the Skeleton, so it’s black. This would also mean discarding it would generate 1 black energy.

One option is adding icons on top of the art to represent the enhancements, like

Bloodthirsty Skeleton of the Deep


that is a really interestingly designed card. I could see one like that possibly being played in a sweepers deck.

If the cards are mostly just plain when they are in play (just AP/HP) and the rest can be planned by the player who put it in their deck that could work.

My concern is that it gets played against you and you have to take the extra time to figure out what the card actually does.

I can see it frustrating and confusing newer players.


Anything that gives us new cards is fine by me! I really like the idea of the cross-colored cards. Multicolor would add quite a bit of depth to the game as well.

Whatever you do I’m sure it’ll be great!


I think this is a pretty cool idea. I’d like it if the retrained versions of the cards shared the original’s color, at least in part. In this case, Skeleton cards being Black and requiring Black energy. Being Black and giving Black energy yet requiring Red/Blue energy to play makes things a bit complicated.


Its a great idea. im concerned about sneaky in allys with more than 2 ap, i think it should be payed like +2 of fire elementals.

I guess should be more cards with velk shock troop ability, (if there is a purple card in play it gain +1/+1). velk trained skeleton.

will be nice see a fire ant, a diving ant, and a ghoul wolf, poison fish, ghoul monster of deep. there is a lot of great possibilitys with other arts too.




Grow Gigantic


Gigantic Vampire

Each time you merge cards, it adds to the overall card cost. There will almost certainly be cards that are weak and cards that are strong…

Still TBD on whether I’ll call it “forging” cards (like a forge/blacksmith) or “brewed” cards (like a cauldron).


So, how exactly is this going to work? Can you only get the new cards by merging the cards in your collection and those base cards are no longer available to you? Not sure I like the way this is going if that is the case. One other thing, how will this work with draft?


Yes, exactly, you could take two or more of your base cards and brew them together into a new card. It would consume your old cards in the process.

I’m curious, what don’t you like about it?

I haven’t decided how it will work with the draft, but the default right now is that they don’t appear in draft.


I was thinking that it would make it harder for new people to get into the game, and also that it would make it easier for someone to make a deck that dominates by paying a lot to get the right cards to combo. To me it might move the game into more of a pay to win direction, whereas right now it is only marginally so. Any CCG by nature will have a slight pay to win element to it, but I think the game as it stands right now has a pretty minimal amount compared to a lot of others (both virtual and physical). I also understand that you need to come up with something to be able to make some more money to keep the game going, but I’d hate to see the game change quite a bit to meet that end. Of course, it may not change the game as much as I’m thinking it will, so I will wait and see before passing judgment :) Personally instead of mixing up current effects on cards to make new ones, I’d rather see some cards with new mechanics or abilities even if they had the same art as other cards, but that may just be me.

FYI, I like “brewing” better than “forging” even though forging might fit the theme of the game better. Forging is used everywhere so it might be nice to see something different.

Also, not to derail the thread, but would you consider putting up single color packs for all 6 colors when the new update comes out? It might be nice if people wanted to combo some specific colors together to be able to buy cards of those colors. Also would make it easier for new players to quickly get more cards in a specific color that they find they like, or to compliment their starter deck colors. A couple more starter decks wouldn’t hurt either. Just a couple extra random thoughts.

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