After a long 4 - 5 month break from this great game only second to MTG imo. I come back to alot of the pre-existing cards with silly names.

Why water down existing cards with silly new names like big ant or big wolf for example? Just seems like a dumb thing to do. I’d much rather have cards with cool names like horrid skeleton instead of big skeleton.

Pickhardt please respond.

End rant

I support any balance changes implemented since i’ve been gone though, as long as there not to crazy to the point it messes up the meta.

Bit late, but happy 2017 :D


I miss the old names, too. But it was made to make the transition to a new card crafting system that Pickhardt is working on, no ETA as of yet though.

See this thread for more info:


Some names were simplified because I was working on a card forging system. For instance: Ant + Ambush = Ambushing Ant

For Big Wolf, it’d be: Wolf + Grow Big = Big Wolf

Also, I thought it’d be funny if there were a card called “Big Bad Wolf” - just need to figure out what Bad does.

Ambushing Ant


I see. Well you’ve got me interested in this card forge you’re making.

It’ll be good, since the game will break away from the MTG formula even more, adding much more uniqueness.

I imagine new cards will be easier to make as well, since the art can be reused more frequently.

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