According to my experience with card games, there are two main types of players; the ones who pay money to buy the cards they need and the ones who will never pay for anything and they prefer to farm in order to obtain their card collection.

In order to satisfy the second type of players (and increase our amount of players in general), we need to make public the best & fastest farming decks in this game.

Which starting deck is the best to farm the AI? The Red, Green, Blue/Yellow or Black? After starting with that deck, what deck must be your goal? A Green/Red rush deck or a Black/Red control one (just two examples)?

According to my experience, object removal is almost useless against the AI because it doesn’t use objects at all. Moreover, Armor is a very good ability against AI because the AI will block an armored ally even with an 1 AP ally (or even with many of them).

What is your experience with the AI? What deck do you use to farm it? Discuss…


I think just straight burn/rush seems to work pretty well, they don’t tend to use object removal and they throw all their allies at you leaving little defense.

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