Frequently asked questions

What is Orbs CCG?

Orbs CCG is an online, multiplayer, strategy collectible card game that can also be played asynchronously (like Words with Friends).

What is the gameplay like?

If you've played other card games, you'll quickly pick up Orbs CCG. It's similar to other card games, with some complexities removed, and then with some new innovations (such as a new resource system and benching).

Game Screenshot

Primarily, the objective is to reduce your opponent's health points (HP) from 18 to 0 while preventing them from reducing your HP to 0!

You will build a deck of at least 50 cards, which can be used to play against another player. During the game, you alternate turns, with a Defense Phase and a Main Phase. You can defend against attackers during your Defense Phase, then play cards and send your allies on the attack during your Main Phase. Additionally, as a form of bluffing, cards can be benched face down.

What are the cards like?

Imp Invaders

There are four types of cards: actions, allies, objects, and traps.

Allies have attack points (AP) and health points (HP), and are the main way to deal damage to an opponent. Objects do not have AP or HP, but have other special abilities. Actions are played for an immediate effect, then go directly to the graveyard. Traps are played face down, and trigger when some event occurs, causing a surprise effect.

True Seeing Eye

There are four colors: blue, yellow, green, and red. Decks can combine different colors, although for consistency, it's recommended sticking to two or three colors.

The different colors all have different types of abilities, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. You can build a deck with multiple colors to help mitigate the disadvantages of one color.

How can you tell the rarity of the card?

The card title's background indicates the card's rarity. Commons have a wooden title background. Uncommons have a silver title background. Rares have a golden title background. Note that rarity does not determine a card's power, but rather determines how often a card appears in a fresh booster pack. This is important for drafting.

Is this a pay-to-win game?

Purchasing more cards is not intended as a way to get more powerful cards, but as a way to get more variety. Although the cards are not intended to all have the same power level, they are also not designed to be drastically overpowered (which some games use for the purpose of incenting players to pay more). In this respect, the game is more similar to Magic: the Gathering than it is to Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Where can I buy more cards?

You buy cards from the online store. This is the quickest way to get more cards. Note that you are not paying for overpowered cards, since the cards aren't designed to be overpowered, unlike some other games. Buying cards gives you more variety and lets experience more facets of the game.

How can I get cards from sharing my referral link?

When a friend signs up with your referral link, you'll earn a free booster pack (capped at 5 booster packs from referrals, to prevent abuse). This is the second quickest way to get cards, besides purchasing them.

What other ways can I get more cards?

For your first month as a player, you earn daily gifts through a card of the day. Check back each day to earn your free card! You also can earn cards by playing games. In fact, if you win the game, you win Orbucks, plus get a decent chance of winning a random card. If you lost the game, you have a smaller but nonzero chance of getting a random card anyway. You can get cards this way from both live and async games. These methods are slower than using the store and referral links, but will allow you to gradually gain more cards in the game.

What are Credits and Orbucks?

Credits and Orbucks are the games' virtual currencies. You can purchase Credits, and receive Orbucks for winning games (both rated and unrated). To use your Credits and Orbucks, visit the online store.

What's energy? How do I get energy?

Energy is represented by colored circles, and is required to play cards. You may discard one card per turn to generate one energy of its color. Generic (gray) and mulicolored cards generate generic energy: energy that can be paid by any colored energy, but can only be used to pay generic energy costs.

Energy Explained

The energy resource system adds a lot of strategy to the game, since you can absorb any of your cards (as opposed to a dedicated resource card). Additionally, this allows for clever deck-building, since you can include niche cards in your deck that are intended to be played against specific types of decks, since you can discard it for energy otherwise. This is why there is no need for a sideboard or side decks in Orbs CCG.

What's the Bench?

The Bench

The Bench is a game zone where cards are placed face down. You can see your own benched cards, but not your opponent's benched cards. It still costs energy to bench a card, however cards can be played from the Bench without paying their energy cost again. Additionally, allies and objects can be played from the Bench during your Defense Phase (they can't be played from your hand during your Defense Phase).

Trap cards can only be benched, rather than played. They trigger when some game action occurs, and then are placed in the graveyard.

I really like this game. What can I do to support it?

Besides buying cards (the best way to support its continued development), you can also "Like" it on Facebook and share it with your friends. Thanks!

Can I see a list of all the cards in the game?

Sure! Check out the full list of cards in Orbs CCG.

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