The next generation collectible card game... with asynchronous mode!


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To old players: thanks for all the games! When Orbs CCG is back, you will be emailed.

Orbs CCG was mentioned in Forbes, TechCrunch and Gamasutra!

Build decks from the cards in your collection, then play games with those decks.
Certain cards work well together. Join for free today!


Asynchronous play! (optional)

Asynchronous play helps you fit games into everyday life. Play your turn when you get a chance, then check back later.

Simple to get started, a lifetime to master!

Full of interesting decisions, yet still simple to play for first timers, Orbs CCG is the strategic card game you'll love.

Play with your friends!

Unlike a physical CCG or TCG (trading card game), you don't have to all meet up at a pre-scheduled time to play - just play online!

Fun and strategic!

A well-designed game you'll both enjoy and strategize over, with a variety of cards for all types of players!

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